Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodreads Challenge

I have just noticed that I've already completed my challenge at Goodreads.  I only challenged myself to read 50 books, which is a bit of a slack year for me, but I've done it already so I'm pleased with that.  I really can't remember why I took it down a bit this year; I think I've aimed for 55 previously and will probably go back to that next year.

I'm not going to list them all, but can report that I have enjoyed most of them very much.  There have been a couple of duds and one or two didn't make it to Read status, in fact they have been removed altogether because I just didn't want them anywhere near my lists.

And by the way, just because I've reached my target that doesn't mean I'll stop reading for the year. No, that just wouldn't be right.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Nearly there!

I've finished Northanger Abbery, by Jane Austen, and enjoyed it immensely. 

So now there is only one book to go to complete the Electic Reader challenge, and I'm about half-way through it.  It's the Anthology one and I've been reading Epic:  Legends of Fantasy for quite a while now, in between other books. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


This book by Len Deighton is set in London, 1941, after the German victory.  Churchill is dead, the king is imprisoned in the Tower, the queen and princesses are in New Zealand.  There is a murder and Superintendent Douglas Archer investigates.  Of course, it turns out to be more than a simple murder (if there is really any such thing in fiction) and soon Archer finds himself dealing with the German hierarchy and the Resistance.  All in all, it was an interesting read.

I have two more to read for the Eclectic Reader challenge, am just about to start Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, and haven't yet finished the anthology Epic: Legends of Fantasy.  I'm not really a fan of short stories and some of these are more novellas, but no doubt I will get there.